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KY opioid overdose prevention education network (KY-OPEN)

The KY Opioid Overdose Prevention Education Network (KY-OPEN) is an educational series that brought together clinical experts and local community participants to discuss effective treatment practices, address common co-morbidities and treatment in special populations, and highlight innovative strategies to expand access to care for opioid use disorder (OUD). These sessions can be viewed for continuing education (CE) credit and meet MATE Act requirements. KY-OPEN also created several educational flyers that address emerging issues related to substance use disorder. Learn more and access our content at

Learning collaboratives (multidisciplinary learning sessions)

Learning collaboratives were designed to raise awareness of evidence-based prevention and treatment strategies across multiple disciplines. Attendees could expand their professional networks and learn about creative, sustainable programs and resources to address the opioid epidemic. Sessions cover a wide variety of topics including addressing homelessness, stigmatizing language in the media, effective advocacy tools, implementing overdose education and naloxone distribution strategies such as first responder leave behind programs and vending machines, and grant writing workshops and information for opioid abatement funding. While sessions are no longer being hosted by HCS, recordings of more than 20 of these sessions are available on the HEALing Communities Study Learning Collaboratives playlist on YouTube. 

Watch Learning Collaboratives

Click below to access the YouTube playlist with all learning collaboratives from HCS in Kentucky.

View Playlist of all Learning Collaboratives

Other Educational Videos

HCS and KY-OPEN created a series of brief videos to address common myths surrounding fentanyl, kratom, and methadone treatment for OUD. These videos are accompanied by a series of factsheets and one-pagers to provide a quick overview of the facts. These documents are available here.

Learn by Topic

  • Please note that sessions followed by a * indicate they are NOT available for continuing education credit.

Want more free educational resources? See our flyers!

KY-OPEN has created a variety of one pager flyers related to Substance Use Disorders (SUD), OUD, and medications for OUD. Click the button below to access all of these resources.

Click here!

Looking for information about how to begin treating patients with OUD?

In addition to the KY-OPEN educational videos that address treatment initiation, use of long acting injectable forms of medications for OUD, working with special populations or initiating in settings like the emergency department or with EMS, please see our expanding access to medications for OUD page for further resources. 

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