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Dr. Eli Capilouto

President, University of Kentucky

What is possible?

That is the question we ask every day at the University of Kentucky.

It underscores the power behind the Kentucky CAN HEAL grant. It’s a historic, more than $87 million investment in the University of Kentucky over the next four years.

The collective energy, talent, and efforts of Kentucky’s flagship and land-grant research university – in partnership with the Commonwealth we have served for more than 150 years – is being marshaled to combat one of our country’s greatest challenges: the destruction wrought by opioid use disorder, addiction, and death.

Kentuckians know the insidiousness of this disease better than most.

The opioid epidemic does not discriminate by zip code, race, income, or any other demographic characteristic. It is not a character or moral failing, but an illness. It's unforgiving. It touches us all.

We all know someone – a member of our family, a loved one, a lifelong friend, or classmate – whose life has been touched and damaged by this illness. They are us.

But there is hope.

There is us.

That is why we believe aggressive, ambitious change is possible. Indeed, it is essential.

That is why we believe we can – and must – lead the way.

We can reduce deaths from opioid use disorder and addiction by 40 percent over the next four years in some of Kentucky’s communities with the most intractable challenges.

The discoveries and solutions we find here – in these communities, from Barbourville to Louisville; from Covington to Lexington to Olive Hill – can be scaled up and replicated. More people can be healed. More lives can be saved. More can be done for Kentucky.

And what works here can work beyond our borders, throughout a country ravaged by the epidemic of opioid use disorder.

We believe – we know – it is possible.

Learn more about this historic effort and partnership to change Kentucky and our world for the better.

Kentucky CAN HEAL.