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Dr. Katherine Thompson
College of Arts and Sciences

BS, Biology, Mathematics, University of Kentucky; MS, PhD, Statistics, The Ohio State University

Katherine Thompson is an assistant professor of statistics in the University of Kentucky College of Arts and Sciences. Thompson's research interests include the application of statistical methodology to biologically-relevant topics. This includes developing methods that improve predictive modeling in the biomedical sciences in order to better understand genetic factors related to human health. More recently, Thompson has been developing statistical methods to identify complex effects in big data, with particular interest in analyzing medical claims data in order to better understand precursors of outcomes, including opioid overdoses.

HEALing Communities Study role: Thompson is a member of the Data, Informatics and Biostatistics Core and will work collaboratively to support the analytic efforts of this project. Specifically, Thompson will collaborate on the aspects of statistical modeling and data analysis. Thompson additionally supports developing methodologic strategies needed to achieve the analytic goals of the project.

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